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Travel in my Blood

My earliest memories of travel come from sitting in my grandma’s living room as she regaled us with slides and stories from her latest adventure. It was here, as a child, that I was first exposed to the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, my first African Safari and so many more incredible places that until then, I never knew existed, but now couldn’t wait to see for myself.

As I got older and began to set off on my own adventures around the world our roles slowly switched. Now I was the one with thousands of photos from my latest adventure and it was grandma who sat and listened excitedly to all the stories that went along with them.

As we would sit and talk about our shared love of seeing the world, she would say, “Travel gets into your blood. The more you do it, the more you want to.”

Well, thanks to my incredible grandma, I was lucky enough to be born with travel in my blood.

Her showing me that travel is the greatest education you can give yourself led to a deep wanderlust of my own.

Evelyn McNaughton in New Mexico

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Beautiful Cascais

Exploring Cascais, Portugal, a beautiful beach resort area of gorgeous old mansions and former fishermen’s houses surrounding a bay covered with sandy beaches.

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