Traveler’s Heart 

As my travelling grandma used to say ‘Travel gets into your blood.’ 

I’m pretty sure mine starts in the heart and makes it’s way through my body with every beat.

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I want Adventure 

Beauty and the Beast has always been a favourite Disney movie of mine, so I was very excited to see the new live action version.

 Growing up I loved Belle. The book-loving, small town girl who dreamed of adventure, always reminded me of myself.

I loved to sing the opening song and would belt out ‘I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell”, which remains one of my favourite Disney lyrics. 

And so, like Belle, I’ll continue to seek new adventures and hope you do too.

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Magic of travel

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The World is a Book

This is one of my favourite travel quotes and as I’ve just set out on a two week Asian Adventure it feels fitting. As much as I love reading about travel there really is no substitute for actually getting out and seeing the world for yourself. It really is a remarkable place!

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Travel is the best education 

Growing up, I was always excited to go to Grandma’s house and see  photos and hear about her latest trip.  She saw the world and inspired me to do the same. A lifelong teacher,  she always told me that travel was the best education you could give yourself and encouraged me to go explore and learn about different cultures and appreciate the similarities and differences found along the way. Only while immersing yourself in someone else’s way of life do you realize how alike we truly are.  Thank you for instilling this love of travel and need to constantly be educating myself and Happy birthday!  I hope everyone up there enjoys your travel stories as much as I always did! Xo

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See the World


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I travel because…


This perfectly sums up why I travel and why I need to.

Why do you travel?

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Or those who work them!


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The best stories

Whenever I glance through my passport (which is fairly often as it is a daily requirement for my job), all the stamps I’ve collected over the years come with their own stories.  Sometimes they’re exciting ones, as I head to a country for the first time. Other times they’re familiar, if I’m back in a country I’ve come to know and love. Others, at times, are frustrating, as I remember the lines at airports or the struggles to figure out where exactly I need to be while dealing with a language I don’t speak.  These colourful stamps that I’ve accumulated all come with many stories and I wouldn’t change a single one. It’s true – the best stories in the world are definitely found on the pages of your passport. cd2c95104c1b1d33fb8ddd40eb9d9c11.jpg

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2016 Goals: TRAVEL

Setting new year’s resolutions has always been easy for me. It’s never been about getting in shape (although that would be nice) or striving for a better paying job (I happen to love the one I have) or even looking for love (although I now have this, those who know me know this isn’t something I was looking for!)

Each year, as I count down the hours until the new year begins my only goal for the upcoming year is to travel more than I did the year before.  See more of the world, experience different cultures, set off on new adventures and never settle for simply staying in one place.

I hope 2016 brings you all health, happiness and lot’s of travel!


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