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Gorgeous St. Lucia

Recently I spent a week at Smuggler’s Cove in St. Lucia where my best friend got married. After performing my maid of honour duties, I got a chance to see some of what this beautiful island has to offer. From sailing and snorkelling to shopping and sulphur spring mud baths- this island has something for everyone!

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The Lost Girls


“Though we can’t predict where the road ahead will lead, there’s one thing we know for certain: uprooting our lives to take an unconventional detour was one of the most challenging things we ever did, but the experience taught us that getting lost isn’t something to avoid, but to embrace. The only leaps of faith you’ll ever regret are the ones you don’t take.”~ The Lost Girls

An inspiring book about grabbing your best friends and setting off to share incredible adventures all around the world. Now, I just need to figure out how to save enough money to take a year off to run around the world!

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