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The best stories

Whenever I glance through my passport (which is fairly often as it is a daily requirement for my job), all the stamps I’ve collected over the years come with their own stories.  Sometimes they’re exciting ones, as I head to a country for the first time. Other times they’re familiar, if I’m back in a country I’ve come to know and love. Others, at times, are frustrating, as I remember the lines at airports or the struggles to figure out where exactly I need to be while dealing with a language I don’t speak.  These colourful stamps that I’ve accumulated all come with many stories and I wouldn’t change a single one. It’s true – the best stories in the world are definitely found on the pages of your passport. cd2c95104c1b1d33fb8ddd40eb9d9c11.jpg

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Beach Bum Birthday

Every year on January 12th,  I struggle a little (and sometimes more than a little…) with the fact that I’m getting another year older.  I know the saying goes, “Do not regret growing older, it’s a privilege denied to many.”  This I totally agree with. It’s not the getting older part that bothers me, it’s the fact that with every year that goes by I feel like I’m running out of time to do all the things I want to do.  (This list is massive to begin with and seems to grow by the day….)

Most of the time, I can push this feeling away and just continue to cross things off my life “to-do” list.  But then January comes around again- a new year and only 11 days until I get older. As that feeling becomes more overwhelming, I start looking for ways to slow the rising panic. Travel tends to be my remedy for all life’s stresses and birthday trips definitely ease the panicky state.

While any kind of trip is great, the beach always has a calming effect on me. So, I decided to take a short getaway to Montego Bay, Jamaica to spend my day on the beach with sun, sand and slushy drinks.

This year, I learned that birthdays are definitely better on the beach and when the sky paints you a stunningly colourful sunset, you can almost forget you are now a year older.

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