Kissing Giraffes in Kenya


Eileen at the Giraffe Centre in Langata, Kenya

Standing high on a platform, I am face to face with one of Africa’s most beautiful animals. Staring into her sweet brown eyes, I just want to reach out and touch her and at this centre I’m encouraged to do just that!

The Giraffe Centre in Langata was a highlight on my first trip to Kenya. I have always loved giraffes and this place allows it’s visitors to get up close and personal with these incredible animals. Run by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife, the centre is used to educate the public about the giraffes and how to protect them. Here, guests get the chance to feed the giraffes, pet them and even get a kiss from their long, prickly tongues.


Having a moment with Eileen on my second visit to the Giraffe Centre in Kenya

On this particular day, Jock- the lone male of the group and Eileen- the super friendly female, were the only two entertaining the crowds. I was given a handful of pellets and Eileen was quite happy to eat them all out of my hand, one at a time.

Across from the platform, you can see Giraffe Manor, a lovely old English-style mansion. If you have $350-600 (which sadly I don’t) you can stay the night and wake up to giraffes staring in your bedroom window or sticking their long necks in the door to greet you.

It’s an incredible feeling to be close enough to these African giants to stroke their necks and get your picture taken while they lick your hand or kiss your face. Once again, the hour spent here will be one I always remember


Kissing a giraffe on my first visit to the Giraffe Centre in Langata, Kenya.


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