30 things travelers do in their 30s

It’s been 12 years since I took my first trip without my family and began traveling on my own and while my travel style (and budget) have changed a little over the years, the backpacker, low-budget style I started out with is still my favourite way to travel.

Maybe as I move more into my 30s, more items in this article will begin to ring true. While I now always make sure I have travel insurance and I’ve gotten much better at showing up in a place having already booked my accommodations (even if it was only an hour before getting on the plane), I still love staying in hostels and guest houses and you’ll still find me sleeping in corners at the airport in an attempt to stay on my always low-budget.  Also, I’m not sure I’ll ever switch to giving handshakes instead of hugs, but as my body continues to age and find new aches and pains, I may have to start taking my suitcase more and leaving my beloved backpack at home.

How many things on this list to you identify with?


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One thought on “30 things travelers do in their 30s

  1. I can relate to a few of these. Still go for the more authentic travel experience but now do a little more planning in my 30’s.

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