Practically FREE Prague!

One day, it would be nice to have an unlimited budget to travel with, to not have to worry about counting dollars, pounds, euros, shillings and so on. Unfortunately, I’m not there yet. More than once in my life (four times to be exact) I have decided to buy a plane ticket instead of paying rent and come home from a wonderful adventure homeless, seeking temporary refuge on a friend’s couch, in my car or at my parents’ house.

This time, however, I opted to attempt to keep my apartment. I found myself in Prague for four days with approximately $50 to spend after paying for my hostel.

So after having a great (and cheap) time exploring the city, here’s my (practically) FREE guide to Prague!

  1. While the city has a good Metro system that’s reasonably cheap, there’s really not much need to use it (with the exception of arriving with your luggage) as almost all of the main sights are an easy walking distance from each other. Plus, you get your exercise and have the opportunity to find hidden gems along the way!
  1. New Europe Tours offers a free walking tour leaving from the Starbucks across from the Astronomical clock at 10:45 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily. This company offers tours in several cities across Europe and the guides work on a tip basis. So if you like the tour and learn about the city you are currently in (which I can almost guarantee you will as all the guides I’ve had have been both funny and informative) then you tip them what you feel it was worth at the end of the three-hour tour.
  1. While on the road, eating out becomes a daily expense. While traditional pubs and restaurants are great to experience the local cuisine for a meal or two, the cost of eating out can add up quickly, especially if you’re in one of the touristy areas. Supermarkets are another great way to try local foods for a fraction of the price. Grabbing a fresh bun, some deli meat, fruit and a drink can cost as little as a dollar, depending on where you are. Then you have the freedom of finding a nice green park or your favourite spot from the day to have a picnic!
  2. Prague is a great city to wander around and many of the city’s must-see sights are free. Stroll along the Charles Bridge, making sure to stop and check out the many statues along the way. Wander through the Castle grounds – you can’t go in the buildings without paying an entrance fee, but just walking through the courtyards and around the perimeter give   you a great sense of the buildings. The gardens outside are also a perfect place to stop for a supermarket picnic! Old Town square hosts the Astronomical clock, Old Town Hall, Tyn Church, the statue of Jan Hus, Kinský Palace, Stone   Bell House and more. After a long day of discovering Prague on foot, Old Town Square is a great place to indulge in a   street beer for a couple Czech Koruna and watch the sunset as horse-drawn carriages roll by.
  1. Prague has some beautiful hotels, but is also home to a number of hostels with beds as low as $7 a night. These may not be the fanciest places in town, but if you’re coming to beautiful Prague to sit in a hotel room, you are really missing out!

Best of all, the memories and photos you’ll take with you when you leave are FREE. So get out there and explore fairytale Prague, without worrying about overstepping your budget!

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