Welcome 2020!

Another year has come to an end and with it the end of another decade..and what a decade it’s been!
A decade full of travel to new places and old favourites. Climbing mountains, exploring cities, swimming in oceans and hiking trails. 
A decade of personal growth filled with highs and lows and a new career in the sky. 
A decade of standing up with some of my favourite people as they got married, meeting lots of new babies and saying goodbye to dear family members.
A decade of making new friends and continuing to cherish old friendships. 
A decade of spending time with my family, allowing myself to fall in love and agreeing to embark on a new kind of adventure in 2020 by finally saying yes!

Welcome 2020!! May you be filled with travel, fun, love and kindness

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One thought on “Welcome 2020!

  1. Laureen

    Thank you! A happy and healthy new year to you !

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