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I love taking photos while I travel. Looking back at them, I’m always transported back to the place where it was taken, remembering all the amazing adventures I’ve had over the years.

Lately, however, all of my Facebook memories have been reminding me that for the past ten years, I’m always away having fabulous adventures during the summer months: climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, exploring Alaska and the Yukon, travelling around Asia or backpacking around Europe. This summer, I’m at home, working and feeling jealous of my previous summer fun…..

Guess it’s just about time to hit the road again!


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Havana- Classic meets Colourful

I just can’t get enough of the classic cars and colourful, and sometimes crumbling, architecture found in Havana. Even the gloomy, grey day seemed a little brighter with all the colours!

So here’s a gallery of some of my favourites!

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Happy Birthday, my travelling Grandma!

‘Travel is the best education you can give yourself.’

Growing up, I heard this advice a lot from my Grandma as she was showing us photos and telling us all about her latest trip. 
She saw the world and inspired me to do the same.
A lifelong teacher, she knew the value of education, but also knew that the world had so much more to offer than you could ever find in a classroom.
Only while immersing yourself in someone else’s way of life do you realize how alike we truly are.  Thank you for instilling in me this love of travel and need to constantly be educating myself.

Happy birthday my travelling Grandma!  I hope everyone up there enjoys your travel stories as much as I always did! Xo

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The World is a Book

This is one of my favourite travel quotes and as I’ve just set out on a two week Asian Adventure it feels fitting. As much as I love reading about travel there really is no substitute for actually getting out and seeing the world for yourself. It really is a remarkable place!

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‘Around the World in 50 Years’


As a travel addict, I’ve often dreamed about travelling to every country in the world, so when I came across Albert Podell’s book ‘Around the World in 50 Years‘ I was intrigued. Albert set a goal for himself to actually set foot in every official country around the world, which at the time of writing was 196, and then started checking them off.  Some were easy and enjoyable, others a bit more challenging, but then he got down to the ones that were war-torn, almost impossible to get visas for and just plain dangerous.  Yet fifty years after travelling to his first country, Canada, he touched down in the nearly impossible to reach Angola and finished his mission.

Talk about living life to the fullest. After reading this book, I feel as though I’ve hardly travelled. I thought I had some great travel stories (and I do have a few) but nothing compared to some of the harrowing tales of Albert’s years on the road.  He writes with humour and compassion about the adventures he’s had, filled with curiosity and drama.

He comments that he would have enjoyed the quest even more had some of the parts been not quite such a challenge, but in the end wouldn’t change it.

“At the end of the day, I was able to play the cards the world dealt me and survive to 196. Who else can say that?”

The issues he faced both getting into some countries and then safely getting around the has made me rethink (slightly) my quest to visit every single country, but what an accomplishment that would be!

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Travel Addict


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