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New Year, New Career!

Often, the biggest problem with having a travel addiction is figuring out how to fund it. This is why my goal for 2012 was to find a job that would pay me to get out of here, instead of the other way around.  I didn’t care what the job was as long as I’d be able to fly away, while paying off my student debt and maxed-out Visa at the same time.

So as 2012 continued to slip away, I began to think more seriously about what my new job could be: tour guide, travel agent, pilot, flight attendant, cruise ship worker, circus performer?!?  Flight attending was something I’d thought about since I was a teenager, but it never felt like the right time.  However, with the end of 2012 looming, I decided it was now or never. I’d heard about Canjet from an old high school friend who was currently working seasonally for the company. After hearing more about the job, I gave her my resume and waited with my fingers crossed for a phone call.  That call came at the end of August while I was on the beach in Croatia. I had an interview shortly after, and by the beginning of October, I had a new job! Continue reading

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