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Exploring Hong Kong

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A magical day at Hong Kong Disneyland

In my quest to visit all the Disney Parks, this fall I took the Disney tram to Hong Kong Disneyland and checked another one off my list. While Hong Kong Disneyland may be the smallest of them all, with only one park to visit, it’s still a magical way to spend a day.

Paris….I’m coming for you next!

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Chaos to Calm- Hong Kong in 30 hours


Before heading to Asia, friends gave me lists of things to do in Hong Kong and told me how much I’d love it. Well, I have to admit, Hong Kong and I got off on the wrong foot. Coming out of the subway into the sweltering heat and massive crowds, trying to find my way around, I felt like bursting into tears. I had just left my sister in Macau and was feeling a little teary-eyed to begin with. As I made my way along the sidewalk, squished like a sardine, I was completely overwhelmed by all the pushing and shoving just trying to get down the street. The Canadian in me found myself constantly apologizing as I was bumped from one person into the next. The smells, the crowds and the overall confusion of trying to make my way to my hostel had me hating Hong Kong before I really gave it a fair chance.

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