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Coffee Tasting in Boquete, Panama

While in Boquete, Panama, I stopped by one of the local coffee farms to learn about how some of the world’s most delicious coffee is made…and tried a few samples.  It was perfection!

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Horseback Riding in the Hills of Boquete

Horseback Riding in the hills of beautiful Boquete, Panama. We spent a day exploring the area on horseback with ‘Franklin’s Horseback Riding‘ and also hiked to a peaceful hot spring.  This ‘Horses & Hot Springs’ tour was the perfect way to spend a day in Boquete!

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Horseback riding in the hills of Boquete

With so many tour options available in Boquete, Panama, the hardest part is choosing what you want to do in this beautiful hillside town.


After looking at a number of tour options, we decided to go with Horses and Hot Springs and booked an afternoon with Franklin’s Horseback Riding Tours.

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Panama City

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Surfing in Santa Catalina

I’ve always wanted to try surfing, so on a recent trip to Panama I decided to try and catch some waves in Santa Catalina, one of Central America’s best surf spots.  While I may not be joining the pro league anytime soon, by the end of my lesson with Chris from Montezuma Surf School, I did manage to catch a few waves!!

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The Panama Canal turns 100!



2014 marks the 100th year anniversary of the Panama Canal. Known as one of the world’s greatest engineering feats, the Panama Canal is 80 km long stretching through the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. It took more than 75,000 workers over ten years to complete. Finally, on August 15th, 1914, the SS Ancon officially inaugurated the Panama Canal.

Currently around 14,000 vessels pass through the canal each year and since it opened over 1 million ships have made the journey through the canal.

Ships passing through pay according to their weight. The average fee is around US$30,000. The most expensive ship to pass through was the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship, which paid US$ 376,000 in 2010. This fee has since been surpassed. The cheapest fare was US$0.36 paid by Rich Halliburton in 1928 when he swam through the canal!

Panama took over full operation, administration and maintenance of the canal on December 31st 1999 and they are currently working on a US$5.25 billion expansion project.

You can visit the Miraflores Locks visitor’s centre (admission $15) which has a four-story museum, viewing platforms and a movie theatre showing a 3-D movie about the locks.

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