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Missing you

It’s been 9 years since my ‘Travelling Grandma’ left us. 
Over the past year, I’ve been slowly working my way through the thousands and thousands of slides she took on her trips.
I never got the chance to travel with her…but during this year of no travel, her and I have been around the world together.  ❤

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Travel is the best education 

Growing up, I was always excited to go to Grandma’s house and see  photos and hear about her latest trip.  She saw the world and inspired me to do the same. A lifelong teacher,  she always told me that travel was the best education you could give yourself and encouraged me to go explore and learn about different cultures and appreciate the similarities and differences found along the way. Only while immersing yourself in someone else’s way of life do you realize how alike we truly are.  Thank you for instilling this love of travel and need to constantly be educating myself and Happy birthday!  I hope everyone up there enjoys your travel stories as much as I always did! Xo

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Be a storyteller


To me, the best stories are those told about far away places or new discoveries.  Stories about finding new friends on the road or finding yourself somewhere you’d least expect. Stories about different cultures and interesting foods. Stories about the kindness of strangers and how you can communicate around the world with some charade moves and a smile. Stories that only come with getting out and exploring this amazing world.  
So get out there and and become not only a traveler but also a storyteller.

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